Tuesday, March 31, 2009


as i'm sure many of us are going through... this time in my life is very new and very different. i have always been a person that knew what i wanted and i knew how to get it.... but right now i'm not sure what i want and i'm not sure how to get it. it's something i have been struggling with for a little while now. until i figure out what i want and then how to get it... i'm just trying to move through the motions of life.... maybe it will come to me.

ever since i can remember people have always said "you are going to be so successful"... but they never told me IN WHAT i was going to be successful. i have such a strong desire to be so "successful" but i'm not sure where to start and that is where i'm struggling.... i want it too soon and too fast. i keep having to remind myself... that you have to build to succeed... and if i got everything that i wanted now then i would have nothing to look forward to.

i miss everyone very much.

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