Monday, March 30, 2009


so chris and i went to church last night... it was really nice. VERY nice actually... but i thought the priest told a cute story, so here it is:

it was a freezing day at the farm and a little bird was trying to stay warm. it was curled up on the ground when a cow walked by and dropped manure on the bird. the manure was really warm and the bird began to enjoy the warmth... so much so that it began to sing will sitting the warm manure. a cat heard this singing and began to explore where it was coming from. the cat discovered the manure and pulled the bird out and ate it. the bird was dead.

moral of the story: those who manure on you are not always your enemies... and those who pull you out of the manure are not always your friends


  1. good story whit. hope you guys are doing real good and I look forward to making some trips to san antonio to check your life out!

  2. I got an email yesterday with that story in it from Ashley. Did you guys talk or something? :)

  3. Thanks! The best part of the cake is the raspberry preserves!!!

  4. haha yes i stole this story from you and then sent it out in an e-mail... but something strange happened and instead of just the few names i had typed in to send it to, it actually sent it to a long list of people?? so weird... including my manager from the restaurant... lol

    anyway i liked your story enough to e-mail it to EVERYONE :) and they liked it too!