Tuesday, April 7, 2009

just stuff...

ok so nobody laugh... but chris and i started discussing how disney puts their movies in a "vault" and you can only by the classic movies when hey are "out of the vault".... so we are buying classic disney movies cause we want to be able to share them ALL with our kids someday, not just the movies that are out at the time... so far we have pinoccio, jungle book, and mary poppins :o)

ALERT: Whitney actually is going to the gym on a regular basis... and i am enjoying it!

i am ashamed to admit it: i finally got sucked into american idol.... but with that said... OMG.... i am hooked. Adam Lambert is basically amazing. I get hooked to every song he sings.

sunday night i had this urge to go get all the briggs girls from their dorm rooms and go eat some wings n more... sad day

our apt lease is almost done... so now we are looking to rent a house. such a pain. why does everything have to be so expensive... and why can't people have bigger back yards... don't they know i have dogs to take care of? :o) j/k... i think we are getting close to finding one...

i thought this was funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvMJ1Walco0

love everybody!


  1. Whitney!!! I went to work out too!!! I am getting ina routine...slow and steady!!! Oh and Eric and I are totally doing the Disney thing too...why the heck do they have that stupid vault anyway? If i get the hankoring to go and buy Aladdin, well darn it I should be allowed to!!! love!

  2. so I miss you tons. End of story.