Monday, January 26, 2009

Rachel's Wedding

Rachel & Brian's Wedding was a blast! She looked beautiful and everything went as planned :o) I couldn't be happier for her...

God is good, isn't he.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

keeping up

i just want to say that i LOVE these silly blogs. i get to read about everyone and keep up with y'all.... it's great! i love hearing how everyone's day is going and how things are going. can you believe... none of the Briggs girls live in the same city anymore! i figured... but i didn't know we would be so separated so soon.

love you girls

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


ok. i know. so far i have not been a very good blogger.... but here i go anyway

*obama is now our president.... it should be interesting, other than that i'll keep my comments to myself.

*rachel yeats is getting married this weekend... and i'm in the wedding. i'm kind of stressing out because i have a lot to do to get ready.

*my friend Evan Tupa and I (with Patrick (colleen's brother) as "contract help") are starting our own website building business... we have not come up with a name yet... but we have done one website and in the middle of our 2nd and 3rd.... i'm pretty excited. it won't make us rich but maybe bring in a little extra cash, if not at least keep up busy.

*i feel like people are growing up so fast and things just seem to be passing by... and the ride is too fast for people to even notice....

*i am never alone... and when i do find myself alone... i make myself so busy, that i don't even notice. i wonder what i would think about and how i would feel about my life...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello World

holy moly... colleen emailed me to say that i was the only loser without a blog! i had no idea... but it was so nice to read up on everyone. with everyone growing up and spreading around to different cities... i thought it was a nice idea that everyone could still keep up with eachother.

so i guess this is my first post and here are some updates:

spent my first christmas with chris - amazing... 17 people together christmas morning

working at a catering/special event mgmt company in San Antonio - love it

i love my puppies - they are doing very well... jager is almost 3!

living in an apt... looking for a house soon

hopefully going to grad school in the fall

i miss everyone...