Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend wrap up

chris and i were both off all weekend... and we didn't go out of town... a rarity theses days.

so we took advantage of the moment and slept in late saturday and man was it great. we woke up and went shopping, which was nice cause it was a beautiful day. Chris's brother was in town for a UIL competition (math and science tests) on saturday and we were going to try and make the award ceremony but didn't know any details.... Todd calls at 2:50 and says the ceremony is at 3pm... so we hurry over to UTSA to see the ceremony (that didn't actually start till 3:45) and he won 1st in number sense, calculator, and math... so he did amazing! it was nice to see him and chris's dad LOVED that we went and took pictures of Todd. Todd has decided to go to A&M next year... whoop! He has been offered a scholarship and been asked be in the honors program... he's a smart boy.

after that we went to dinner with my parents and then went home, watched a movie, and slept. we ended up sleeping a lot sunday too... i think we were both catching up on like 6 months of sleep.

sunday we went downtown to the IMAX and saw Deep Sea 3D... we really enjoyed it! after that, we met our friend Laurie to see Knowing... the new Nicolas Cage movie. it was strange. we decided Deep Sea 3D was much better.

so our weekend might not have been eventful... but it was relaxing... and that's what we needed.

and for some reason, decpite the relaxing weekend, i woke up in a TERRIBLE mood this morning... so boo.

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  1. bad mood... booo! sucks yall can't come for chilifest. we will have to coordinate when YARMY does their river trip. miss you both!