Thursday, April 16, 2009

just call me tmz

guess what - andy roddick is getting married this weekend and we are catering his sunday reception! how exciting... the williams sisters are going to be there too :o) i seriously thought about selling this knowledge to TMZ but i thought that would be bad. haha j/k

we are catering 5 weddings this saturday... 4 of which are out of town... and its been raining... not a good combo

i am really ready to move out of our apt... i think we have found a couple of places but i don't know if they will still be available when we need a new place... we can just hope.

we have so many things we want to save for... wedding, house, vacation... why does everything have to be so expensive... we are actually saving our money really well... i surprise myself sometimes.

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  1. that's so awesome! andy roddick is soooo hot and i'm a little sad he is permanently taken... a girl's gotta dream! haha