Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what i was thinking about in the shower

ok. so 2 things: 1. obama 2. girls at work

1. i still don't like obama. i think he speaks in a condescending manner... as if we don't get what he is talking about. i can't stand it.

2. ok... so you probably know i work for a catering company. it is a well-known, family-owned company that mostly does high-end hill country events... there are 3 sales girls and me... i help out around the office... whether that means meeting a client for them or answering the phones at the office. so anyway... the girls at work really rub me the wrong way sometimes. there is one girl who i will call L... L made a comment today that i really didn't like....

she says to another sales girl "do your friends think you have a real job... cause i have to explain to my friends that i have a hard job and it's not just planning parties, but that it's real and it's so hard... blah blah blah"

i really wanted to stand up and say... YOU IDIOT! THIS ISN'T REAL WORK... i mean... yes they come to work at 9am (more like they stole in at 9:30) and stay till 5:00pm (sometimes)... and talk to clients and sit at their computer and plan a menu. heaven forbid... they have to get out of their chairs to meet a client at an event facility (this happens maybe 2 times a week). the kitchen will bring breakfast and lunch to their desk and pick up after their mess. they don't have to take out the trash or file their own files.... its all done for them. i'm sorry but it's comments like those that make me want not want to be an event planner.

my mom is the hardest working person i know.... i look up to my mom in many ways. i don't want an easy job. i want to have a challenging job. i want to be able to have accomplishments at the end of my day.

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  1. i completely agree with how frustrating it is that some people don't even know how to define "hard work". Miss you tons. I hope things are working out for your Mom. Tell her and you Dad hi for me! :)