Tuesday, February 24, 2009

catch up

so i obviously haven't written in a while... but i'll try and catch everyone up...

Chris and I went to college station this weekend.... it was a lot of fun. we had a really nice weekend. a couple of notes:
-it was kinda sad/scary... scary that i didn't have that security of not being in the real world yet... and sad b/c of the memories i have - we had some good times there.
- they are building so much... i won't recognize the place in a year with as much construction as their doing
- i really hope my kids go their some day
- the people are just so nice
- while it's full of memories... it's sadly not the same... knowing all the people are gone is sad.
- i miss the food. mostly, wings n more.
- every time i get chick fil a... i think of the commons

There is definitely a lot of people getting married this year!! Holy moly... more and more every day! I'm so excited for them all... It's just proof that everyone is growing up so quickly... please no babies yet... i'm not sure my brain can soak that up quiet yet. i mean we were sitting around ashley and holly's room like 4 years ago taking turns telling our "story"... and now everyone is all grown up! (I really am very happy for you Jessica... it just scares me to see everyone growing up *tear*) :o)

That's all I can conjure up right now... hope everyone has a great week!!!


  1. thank you for the update... i was dying to know how you were!

  2. Thanks! I am so excited! :)

    p.s. I miss you!