Monday, October 19, 2009

quick update

  • I miss y'all... a lot.
  • My amazing boyfriend decided he wanted to give me an early birthday present: $100 "decorating dollars" - I always want to buy things for the house and he never approves because he doesn't think it's necessary. (Especially holiday decor) He always says we have enough stuff. SOOOO he took me shopping and said I could buy whatever I wanted for the house and he would not disapprove! It was so much fun... I loved it.
  • It's official: I have 3 jobs. I work at RMYA from 7:45am - 8:45am Mon-Fri and then 9am - 5pm Don Strange, and then some nights/weekends I am dealing.... blackjack that is! It's actually a lot of fun. Evan's dad has a casino party company and I am now a dealer. My first party was Saturday... we had a blast! haha
  • Jager is fat. Chris took the puppies to petsmart Friday and Jager weighed in at 86 lbs! Then chris proceeded to buy the puppies sonic hamburgers - proof below. Anyway, looks like I will be buying diet food in my near future.
  • Chris and I are trying to save up to go to Paris next July. Wish us luck.

I hope everyone is doing well!