Tuesday, August 4, 2009


ok so i like my job... they are SUPER flexible... with days off... needing to take off an hour for a dr. appointment... etc. I can take a week off and they don't mind... it's really nice. Also, it's a fairly casual environment... if i feel like wearing jeans to work they don't care... if i wear cute flip-flops they don't care... the people are nice.... my boss is GREAT. i learn a lot.

BUT....overall, i don't DO a whole lot... i mean some days i am working my butt off... but then others i sit and watch a movie. my daily tasks are so petty. label this... print that... copy those... call so-and-so.... schedule don's (the owner) dermatology appointment he has a rash.... you get the idea. i just feel like this time in my life is such a great learning experience... that i am missing a lot by staying at this job. don't get me wrong some days i get to meet with clients or go to an important meeting but those days are so few and far between. i just feel that i have some good talents and this job isn't letting them grow.

is it worth loosing the flexibility for a new job?


  1. awww Whitney. That's a hard decision. I love the flexibility of my job too. I hope things are going well! I miss you tons!

  2. I am rolling the same question around in my mouth! It's so frustrating to not be learning anything new, but I love that it's not a super uptight working environment! Let us know what you decide!