Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i don't know why but i have been very anxious recently. i wish i could shake it off.

longview was nice. i really enjoy chris' family a lot... and i get to see them again in just a couple of days. i wish it wasn't such a long drive.

i'm ready for our vacation to disney... i need a vacation

i wish people would stop asking when chris and i are going to get married. we will get married when we want to get married. it will be on our time, not theirs. it is kinda pressuring... it is very pressuring acutally. i sometimes need to remember to pull back and remember that there is no pressure and that when we are ready we will be ready. i mean... what's the rush? i'm only 23 years old. don't get me wrong we WANT to get married... it will just happen when we are ready... emotionally and financially. is this so wrong?


  1. no, but weddings are fun and mean that I'll get to spend time with you planning and participating. :) I'm excited for whenever that is.

  2. sooooooo when are you getting married?? AHHH just kidding :)